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This 12-Year-Old's Coming Out Video Is Dividing the Mormon Community


An incredible video of a pre-teen coming out to her Mormon community during a "testimony meeting" is stirring debate among members of the religion.

Savannah, who came out last year to her parents, expressed a desire to share her truth in front of her fellow churchmembers. Her emotional speech in May detailing her confidence that God loves all his creations was greeted without resistance by her peers. About two minutes into her testimony though, Savannah was cut off by a church leader and asked to sit down.

Savannah's seemingly innocuous declaration is receiving mixed reviews on Mormon social media. On the Facebook page of Mama Dragons — a group of LGBT-supportive Mormon mothers — there are conflicting reactions, though the Dragons wholeheartedly support Savannah.

"I would definitely say she is brave," wrote one commenter, who was not affiliated with the Dragons. "But in testimony meeting? Not the time or place."

"Brave? Maybe.," wrote another non-Dragons person. "Inconsiderate of the congregation? Very. I will never understand the need to disagree with a religion and then stick around and make a scene to get attention. Leave if you hate the teachings."

Most commenters though applauded Savannah's testimony. Watch it below.

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