We found anti-LGBT sentiments aplenty in our reading of extreme-right sites so you don't have to.

June 27 2017 2:26 PM

A Colorado baker says the Constitution gives him the right to deny service to a same-sex couple getting married.

June 26 2017 10:51 AM

Three people holding the flags were asked to leave when others said the symbol made them feel unsafe.

June 25 2017 8:15 PM

The vice president focused on "religious freedom" and abortion in a speech to Focus on the Family.

June 23 2017 5:59 PM

There's also widespread support for marriage equality in PRRI's latest American Values Atlas.

June 21 2017 6:18 AM

"I know I'm not a horrible sinner for being who I am," Savannah told her congregation, before being ordered off the dais.

June 18 2017 1:20 PM