WATCH: Michael Sam Ready to Take Down Haters on the Field

WATCH: Michael Sam Ready to Take Down Haters on the Field

Out football player Michael Sam has held his first press conference after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams last week, where he said he was ready to fight to officially make the roster in the fall.

Sam told reporters at the Tuesday press conference that it's clear the Rams took him on because the team's owners and coaching staff "[sees] good potential in people, and they're ready to win a championship."

He also said that while he has never been taunted on the field by other players because of his sexual orientation, he was ready to play tough if it did indeed happen.

"When I do make it and when I put my pads on and somebody wants to say something to me, then you're going to see number 96 running down that field and making big plays with his team," he said.

Though Sam said he "can't really do anything about" the fact that Missouri workers could still be fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, he did talk about the story of a young boy tearfully coming out to his father after Sam was drafted. He said he felt honored by the story and said he is glad to help others feel comfortable with who they are. But he added, "If somebody disowned you, hey, be part of my family. I welcome you. Ram up."

Watch the conference below:


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