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Nebraska GOP Governor Signs Restrictions on Abortion and Trans Care

Lawmakers overcame a filibuster to pass the measure. Civil rights activists are outraged and may sue.

Judge Who Suspended Abortion Pill Neglected to Disclose Antigay Interviews

Matthew Kacsmaryk referred to being gay as "a lifestyle."

Colorado Governor Signs Bills to Protect Abortion and Gender-Affirming Care Rights

Out Gov. Jared Polis signed the bills as 15 states block gender-affirming care for transgender people.

Jesus Super Bowl Commercials Funded by Group With Anti-LGBTQ+ Ties

In an effort to rebrand Jesus, a Kansas-based group aired the spots during the game.

Schlapp, Santos, Black Men, and a Chinese Balloon

A hovering white bloat is a metaphor for white, conservative Christians floating over people of color.

Florida Wants Teen Athletes to Report Periods — Why?

Opponents fear the move may be a way to monitor teens for pregnancy or abortion — or to out trans athletes.

Investigation Fails to Find Who Leaked SCOTUS Dobbs Draft Opinion

The Dobbs decision overturned Roe v. Wade, striking down the federal right to abortion.