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Trans man Tee Arnold shot to death in Florida

Arnold had posted on social media that his life was in danger.

Philadelphia cancels Trans Day of Visibility ceremony in 'challenging times'

The trans flag will still fly at City Hall, but there will be no festivities. The city's head of LGBTQ+ affairs was recently involved in a traffic stop she deems unjustified and that may have been a case of racial profiling.

‘Courageous’ witness stayed with Black transgender woman gunned down in Texas

Diamond Brigman was only 36 years old. Police say the Good Samaritan witness provided “crucial” information in the case.

Black writers share their favorite books to honor Black History Month

Roxane Gay, Raquel Willis, and Dawnshaeé Reid open up about the importance of the Black literary legacy and impact of Black writers.

Black Republicans: Grand Old Pawns

Trump-era Black Republicans aren't truly conservative, they're just cons, claims gay writer Clay Cane in his new bestselling book.

Lesbian-inclusive 'Color Purple' doesn't need Oscars' approval

Largely snubbed by the Academy, 2023's The Color Purple is a miracle, regardless of awards.

'Rustin' star Colman Domingo to play Nat King Cole and Michael Jackson's father in upcoming films

2024 is going to be a busy year for the man who's been dubbed the first Black gay movie star.

Laphonza Butler, first Black lesbian senator, honors young people in first Senate speech

"Young people are demonstrating their willingness to be the force, the energy, and the face of change," she said.

Marsha Warfield: Roz couldn't have been gay on original 'Night Court'

In a guest appearance on the rebooted series this week, it was revealed that Roz is engaged to a woman.

Black transgender woman Amber Minor killed in Missouri on Christmas Eve

Minor was shot to death in Raytown, near Kansas City.

Carla Smith Looks to Continue Life of Service as CEO of New York LGBT Community Center

Smith will succeed Glennda Testone, who's leaving the center after 14 years.

Remembering Norman Lear and His Pioneering LGBTQ-Inclusive Shows

Lear featured some of the first gay characters on TV and founded the liberal advocacy organization People for the American Way.

Mississippi Elects Fabian Nelson as First Out LGBTQ+ State Legislator

Nelson had won the Democratic primary and had no opposition in Tuesday's general election. But now his election to the Mississippi House is official.

Marking the 30th Anniversary of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in an Iconic Black Chicago Parade

An event Sunday in Chicago will celebrate the anniversary of when an LGBTQ+ contingent first marched in the Bud Billiken Parade.

Newark Street Renamed to Honor Sakia Gunn, Lesbian Teen Killed in Hate Crime

Gunn was stabbed to death in 2003 after telling a man who was harassing her that she was a lesbian.

Dominic DuPree, Gender-Nonconforming Entrepreneur, Gunned Down in Chicago

DuPree is one of many victims of gun violence among the trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming population.

Black Trans Woman London Price Shot to Death at Her Home in Florida in Front of Her Grandmother

Price was pistol-whipped in front of her grandmother and then fatally shot, family members say.

Laphonza Butler Won't Run for California U.S. Senate Seat

Butler, the first Black lesbian in the Senate, is serving the remainder of Dianne Feinstein's term, but she won't run for a full term in 2024.

Scholastic Separates LGBTQ+ Titles at Book Fairs in Response to Book Bans

The publisher's action is drawing criticism from teachers, librarians, and advocacy groups.