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Parents Hire Man to Exorcise the 'Demons' Making Their Son Gay: Video

Footage of the "exorcism" has gone viral on social media.

TikTok Tracked When Users Watched Gay Content: Report

The company claims that it no longer does this.

Most Beer Drinkers Support Brands Working with Transgender Spokespeople

While sales have fallen, there’s hope for Bud Light.

Dylan Mulvaney Breaks Silence After Transphobic Backlash Over Bud Light Partnership

The influencer and model took to TikTok to provide an update to her fans.

Gay TikTok Couple Arrest Under Anti-LGBTQ+ Law

One man says he is "scared" for his boyfriend who remains in jail.

Gay TikTok Influencers' Story of Love and Raising Twins Now a Book

During a time when books by LGBTQ+ authors are being banned, this book seeks to normalize families of different types who all share one thing: love.

Kid Rock Goes Ballistic Over Bud Light’s Trans Inclusion, Shoots Up Beer Cases

The far-right musician expressed his displeasure by firing dozens of shots at cases of the beverage.

Dylan Mulvaney Celebrates 365 Days of Girlhood with Show in New York

The trans star commemorated the one-year anniversary of her viral TikTok series.

Queer Couple Accosted by Homophobic Woman at Miami Starbucks

The verbal attack was captured in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Transgender Woman Endures Anti-Trans Rant at Cheesecake Factory

"You know I'm a TERF, right?" another customer said to the trans woman.

A Safe Place for Queers in a Metaverse Full of Mysteries

With Qtopia considered by many to be the "next big thing” and social meeting ground, Joshua “Zeke” Thomas, son of NBA legend Isiah, explains its part in a world for the next generation.

TikTok Executive V Pappas Comes Out as Nonbinary

The chief operating officer said they were inspired to reflect on their gender thanks to discussions with their children.