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transgender day of visibility

Marcia Gay Harden: All My Kids Are Queer, and They Teach Me Every Day

The Oscar-winning actress was among the celebrities taking part in the Drag Isn't Dangerous telethon.

Kids' Book Illustrator Charged Over Notes Saying Trans People Would Shoot Children

Mitchell Watley is accused of posting notes around Juneau, Alaska, with images of a trans flag and rifle and the text “Feeling cute. Might shoot some children.”

National LGBTQ Task Force Launches 'Movement Moments' Podcast

The first episode, dropping on Transgender Day of Visibility, features ALOK and Imara Jones.

We Won’t Be Erased

As a witness to history, I believe we will overcome the attacks on transgender identity because we’ve come out in the tens of thousands and tasted freedom and equality.

A Call to Action for Trans Youth on Transgender Day of Visibility

We must keep fighting for civil rights for all transgender youth in order to provide the justice they deserve.

Equalpride's Commitment to the Resilient, Inspiring Trans Community

Mark Berryhill, CEO of equalpride, on the importance of Transgender Day of Visibility.

Assistant HHS Secretary Admiral Rachel Levine on Being Visible

For the nation’s highest ranking trans person, any vitriol directed her way only makes her more determined to fight and advocate on behalf of the community.

Biden Offers Support to Trans Americans on Transgender Day of Visibility

The president released a statement of affirmation, plus a new report on mental health and a call for support across the federal government.

21 Trans Icons You Should Know on Transgender Day of Visibility

For Trans Day of Visibility, these are 21 trans icons that deserve your attention.

Ayanna Pressley on Introducing Bill to Advance Trans Rights

The lawmaker from Massachusetts made the announcement on Transgender Day of Visibility.

This Trans Woman Founded a New Nation Free of Hate

Equalpride's own Marie-Adélina de la Ferrière tells us why she created a micronation for her and her chosen family.

Daniel Radcliffe Chats With Trans, Nonbinary Youth in Trevor Project Series

Longtime ally Radcliffe meets the group in Sharing Spaces, premiering Friday on Transgender Day of Visibility.

Now Is the Time to Support, Encourage, and Love the Transgender Community

"When we create environments for transgender people to thrive, we create a society where people can live the lives they deserve to live."