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tucker carlson

Don Lemon announces new show on X amid platform’s LGBTQ+ safety concerns

The former CNN star will debut The Don Lemon Show on X, navigating a platform increasingly criticized for harmful rhetoric and declining safety for LGBTQ+ users.


Maine Massacre Suspect’s Anti-Transgender, Extremist Views Emerge Amid Pleas For Gun Control

Robert Card’s right-wing extremist, anti-trans digital footprint has been uncovered as President Biden calls for decisive action on gun safety following the Lewiston tragedy.


How Barack Obama's Sexuality Became a News Topic in 2023: Report

A 1982 letter and unsupported claims have stoked speculative fires among conservative circles about Obama.

Donald Trump's Tucker Carlson Interview: Here's What Happened

As insane as anticipated, it was 45 minutes of Trump grievances, misinformation, insults, and lies.

A Gay Conservative Wrote a Fawning Tome on Tucker Carlson. It Flopped

Chadwick Moore may have overestimated the public's interest in the disgraced Fox News personality.

Twitter Allows Transphobic Film After Conservative Uproar

The social media platform has become a breeding ground for right-wing hate, which the owner, Elon Musk caters to.

Roy Wood Jr. Mocks Republicans' Drag Queen Panic at White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Daily Show correspondent joked around with journalists, lawmakers, and celebrities after Biden’s remarks.

On Bloody Monday, Tucker Carlson's Exit Is Goriest

When a company's bottom line shrinks, someone always pays the price, with Anheuser-Busch, CNN, and Fox all axing, and no one deserves the cut more than Fox's biggest liar.

13 Times Tucker Carlson Should Have Been Fired

Fox News wouldn’t even let him say goodbye.

Tucker Carlson Is Out at Fox News, Network Announces

The entertainer’s last show was on Friday at which time it didn’t appear he knew it would be his last.

Chelsea Handler Handles Misogynistic Fox News Pundits

Right-wing haters get called out on social media by the comedian.

M&M's Spokescandies Get the Axe After Conservative Meltdown

Tucker Carlson complained about their sexiness and now we can’t have nice shoes on animated candies.