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Chelsea Handler Handles Misogynistic Fox News Pundits

Chelsea Handler Handles Misogynistic Fox News Pundits

Chelsea Handler

Right-wing haters get called out on social media by the comedian.

Comedian, producer, and television host Chelsea Handler responded in kind to several TV personalities who blasted her for a video she posted celebrating her life without children.

The video, which includes “to do” items from masturbating, wearing whatever she wants, attaining enlightenment, and traveling back in time to kill Hitler, apparently upset Fox News host Tucker Carlson so much that he referred to Handler as an “aging, deeply unlikeable woman who never had kids.”

Carlson's guest, Jesse Kelly, a right-wing radio host, said that feminists like Handler have “been lied to by their society forever that yeah, you could be a girl boss, you can do anything a man can do, which anyone who’s seen a woman back up a vehicle knows that’s not true.

He continues on, saying her “womb resembles a dried-up tumbleweed blowing down an old western town,” and concludes that her “Valentine’s date for the 10th year in a row is a 10-year-old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ and a half-full bottle of Xanax, and you’re trying to pretend like you’re happy, but you’re not happy.”

A clip of Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro piles in, saying “she is miserable and it’s written all over her how miserable she is.”

Handler responded on Twitter posting a video response with the caption “Any questions?”

She says she woke in the afternoon and noticed there was an “emergency meeting of the receding hairline society, to discuss a comedy video I filmed about not wanting kids.” She pauses a moment, then launches. “Wow. Why would I even need my own children when I get to hear these crybabies all the time?”

Handler then continues to eviscerate each and every point, illuminating just how much of a “girl boss” she actually is.

“You guys seem so triggered by me,” she says. “I mean, my goodness, Tucker, I think it is time for you to ask yourself a serious question: Are you really upset about how much freedom I have? Or are you upset that you haven’t been able to take it away from me yet?”

In addition an individual tweet for Ben Shapiro, Handler mentions him too, thanking him “for helping my cause of not having children. Who needs the birth control pill when your voice is 100 percent effective?”

Handler also reminds them that she is in a relationship with herself and that at least in her relationship, “someone can get a woman" to orgasm. She then lets Carlson know that if he wants to respond to her, she’ll happily continue to make more videos, because, “I think we both know that you are hate-masturbating to me.”

Handler adds: “And I’m down with that!”

Watch the full takedown from Handler below.

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