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Kristen Stewart & Kate McKinnon Are Singing Sisters in Cut SNL Sketch 

Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon

This weekend marked Kristen Stewart’s second time hosting Saturday Night Live.  While there was no iconic Totinos commercial in which she makes out with Vanessa Bayer’s eager housewife, there was a sketch in which she played a pansexual woman looking to hook up with a disinterested couple at a club. It looks like SNL doesn’t quite know its queer audiences, however, because the winning sketch of the night was cut for time.

In the “Open Mic” sketch set at a faux art space in Los Angeles, Stewart and Kate McKinnon play sisters with a Tegan and Sara vibe, who sing about having grown up in a cult.

The sisters, Chastity and Prudence, begin by saying, “We grew up on a farm where our dad convinced us it was the 1800s.

“Something bad happened so we moved to L.A.,” the sisters sing.

“…don’t touch the fence or you’ll turn gay,” they continue, ironically.

A few more performers take the open mic night at the fictional “The Moon Jumped Over the Cow” art space before the sisters return to the stage to express how lonely it is in L.A. 

Watch the sketch below: 

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