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Kate McKinnon's Ruth Bader Ginsburg Works Her 'Tuchus' in Lockdown

Kate McKinnon

Utilizing video conferencing, Saturday Night Live went virtual for the first time since it premiered in 1975 with cast members offering a peek into their life under shelter-in-place orders in the opening credits.

Forced to create costumes out of what they had on hand, Kate McKinnon pulled together a workout outfit for her Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression that was a sweatshirt with a neckline reminiscent of the Supreme Court robe she wears with the phrase "Super Diva!" emblazoned on it. 

"Today we're going to be working all of the major muscle groups of the body like the abs, gams, tuchus, chicken wings, and critical thinking," McKinnon's Ginsburg says. 

Nodding to Ginsburg's petite frame, McKinnon introduces her workout equipment, which includes Q-Tips, dental floss, and teabags. 

“These are my punching bags, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch,” she says, holding up the teabags. 

"I survived cancer four times. I went to law school during the Spanish flu. Beat it," McKinnon's Ginsburg says before turning to her cat loitering by the doorway. 

"That’s my trainer. If I mess up, he eats me," she says. 

It wouldn't be McKinnon's Ginsburg without some "Ginsburns." 

"I’m training for the 2021 Olympics. I’m going to do mental gymnastics to figure out why they cut the pandemic response team in 2018," she says. "That's a Ginsburn." 

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