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Lawyers Offer Free #TransLawHelp for ID Changes

Lawyers Offer Free #TransLawHelp for ID Changes

Donald Trump will be sworn into office as president January 20. For many transgender people, the inauguration has become a deadline for legally changing their names and IDs.

Good Samaritans — sharing in fears that the Republican will reverse LGBT rights gained in the Obama years or at least make paperwork more difficult — are offering pro bono legal help to trans folks in completing this process.

A hashtag on Twitter, #TransLawHelp, which was created by user @dtwps, is filled with professionals offering free advice, services, notarization, and even money to cover fees.

The Advocate advises caution in corresponding with unknown parties online. The website has vetted and listed those offering resources in a state-by-state directory. To submit your name to this list, fill out the website's application form. For other comprehensive guides to changing identity documents, consult the National Center for Transgender Equality or Lambda Legal.

In addition to offering legal services, allies of transgender people can also donate money to the Trans Lifeline, a support network that has been flooded with hundreds of calls from trans people since Trump's election. The funds will be used to hire more staffers.

Trans folks in need of support can call the Trans Lifeline at (877) 565-8860.

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