The Top 10 Articles of 2016

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10. It's Time You Realize #AllLivesMatter Is Racist 
Educate your confused friends with ease.

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9. WeHo Sheriff Says Gay YouTuber Faked Hate Crime
Officials with the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station say Calum McSwiggan injured himself. McSwiggan says he was targeted in a gay hate crime outside of a club.

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8. Teen Star of 'Girl Meets World' Comes Out on Twitter
Rowan Blanchard, a 14-year-old actress who plays Cory and Topanga's daughter, is also an out advocate for LGBT representation in media.

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7. Jaden Smith Had the Gay Kiss His Father Never Could
The Get Down actor's same-sex smooch shows how far the needle has moved since Will Smith starred as a gay man in the 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation.

06 Trump

6. Trump on Marriage Equality: It's 'Done' and 'Settled'
Trump is now saying that he is "fine" with marriage equality because "it was already settled." The people he's considering for the Supreme Court feel differently.

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5. WATCH: 8-Year-Old Trans Boy's Epic Coming-Out Rap Goes Viral
Young Alex gives voice to how awesome coming out as trans can be for kids when adults support them.

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4. Fox News' Shepard Smith Answers Question on Roger Ailes by Coming Out
The Fox News anchor was asked whether Ailes had kept him in the closet. His answer shocked everyone.

03 Cisgender 3

3. The True Meaning of the Word 'Cisgender'
It's not complicated: Cisgender is the opposite of transgender.

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2. The 49 Orlando Victims and Their Stories
City officials release the names of 49 people killed at the gay nightclub in Orlando. We won't forget you.


1. WATCH: Will Smith on His Son Jaden's Gender Fluidity
"Jaden is 100 percent fearless," the actor told a popular British teen interviewer. 

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