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'Gay Tests' for Asylum Seekers Banned by E.U. Court


Asylum seekers will no longer be forced to take arbitrary tests to prove they're LGBT after the European Union's Court of Justice barred the practice of "gay tests" on Thursday.

The ruling was sparked by an anonymous Nigerian gay man seeking asylum in Hungary due to homophobic persecution in his home nation. The asylym seeker was asked intimate questions about his life by a Hungarian-appointed psychologist and even forced to draw pictures and take a Rorschach inkblot test to prove he was gay. The psychologist decided the Nigerian man was not in fact gay and his asylum plea was rejected; his appeal prompted the E.U. court ruling.

Hungary's ruling right-wing government has bristled at the acceptance of migrants and asylum seekers from areas outside Europe, according to the Associated Press.

The Luxembourg-based judges of the E.U. court ruled such random tests for homosexuality were an invasion of "the most intimate aspects" of life. "The performance of such a test amounts to a disproportionate interference in the private life of the asylum speaker," read the ruling.

The Court of Justice did state that it was acceptable to query experts on an asylum seeker's sexuality or gender identity, but that opinion must be obtained in a humane way and shouldn't serve as the sole reason for accepting or denying one's request for asylum. 

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