Artist Spotlight: Scott Hoover



Scott Hoover is a Los Angeles–based photographer specializing in male imagery. His approach is to create something beautiful out of the very simple. He usually shoots outdoors with available light. A native of Northern California, Scott moved to Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Scott turned his hobby of photography into a full-time career; his work has been featured on several magazine covers, and he has published two photo books of his work.

The Advocate: Why are you a photographer?
Scott Hoover: I think I am naturally a voyeur, not in a kinky sense, but I love people-watching and finding something interesting and beautiful out of the very simple. I started shooting several years ago as a hobby and would photograph models and friends on the weekends or whenever I had some free time. It never seems like work, and I always enjoy doing it. I learn something new every time I do a photo shoot. I gave up my regular job to pursue photography full-time a few years ago and have loved every minute of it.

What catches your eye?
A great face is what gets my attention first and foremost. I am lucky to be able to photograph some really amazing models, but I would much rather shoot someone with an interesting face who had a normal body than someone with amazing abs who has no passion or soul in their eyes. Eye contact is key for me. As far as facial features that get my attention — lips and eyes.

How do you choose your subjects?
If I see someone I want to shoot, I ask them to model for me. I get requests from models and actors, so I always have a pretty big resource to pull from. The agencies here in Los Angeles send me models to test as well, and if I like them, I usually end up shooting them several times. Some models are great at pushing you or making you want to do more and more. Those types of models are my favorites to work with.

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