Artist Spotlight: Taylor Smith

Like found objects or the marks and stains of human existence, Smith's work has a seemingly accidental beauty.



American Hustle, 30" x 22"; charcoal and wood stain on paper

Indianapolis-based contemporary fine artist Taylor Smith’s work documents her interest in sexuality, the human figure, science, nature, analogue photography. and organic chemistry. Taylor creates medium- to large-scale paintings on linen, panel, and canvas, often working in oil, acrylic, transfer, charcoal, and at times, wine.

Taylor has exhibited nationally and internationally as well as having been a featured artist at the Florence Biennale in Italy. She is also the recent recipient of a Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship funded by the Eli Lilly Endowment. Her work has also been selected for several years running for inclusion in the Kinsey Institute Juried show, a prestigious annual selection of artworks relating to eroticism, the politics of sex and gender, and the human figure. While studying in Germany in the 1980s, Taylor participated in several art projects at the Berlin Wall, including one with the artist Keith Haring. Currently Taylor paints in her Indianapolis studio, but she travels frequently for inspiration. As part of her recent fellowship, she is planning an extended working visit to Germany and France to study with several leading artists so that she may produce a new body of work beginning in late 2014.