Hot Sheet: January 9, 2015

Hot Sheet: Totally Globular

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Patrick Stewart, the return of Looking, Shia LaBeouf’s buff bod, HBO’s The Case Against 8, and the gayest Golden Globe Awards ever.

Brother to Brother: An Interview Between Bayard Rustin and Joseph Beam

An Interview Between Bayard Rustin and Joseph Beam

Read this exclusive 1986 interview between Bayard Rustin and Joseph Beam about gay rights, which is now available in the republished book Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin.

LGBT Students at Hogwarts? 'But of Course,' Says J.K. Rowling

'But of Course' There Were LGBT Students at Hogwarts

And Harry Potter taught us that 'no one should live in a closet,' the author says.

On Raw Sex, Raw Sadness, and Raw Fun

PHOTOS: Bare and Banned

PHOTOS: Bare and Banned

Michael Stokes makes beautifully sexy photos. But his erotic and controversial images of Marine veteran amputees have both delighted and enraged fans.

12 Great Gifts for LGBT Graphic Novel Lover

12 Great Gifts for the LGBT Graphic Novel Lover

Here are the 2014 graphic novels that make the season’s best gifts.

Photos from Ryan McGinley: 'You and I'

Photos from Ryan McGinley: You and I

The good news is that Ryan McGinley's You and I has been reprinted. That's it. There is no bad news.

The Art of Maurice Heerdink

The Art of Maurice Heerdink

A new book by artist Maurice Heerdink weds Dutch precision with the sensual influences of classic Italian painting.

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