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Rock star Bob Mould is the anti-Morrissey; the former member of seminal bands like Hüsker Dü and Sugar is polite, muscular, and openly gay -- and he brought down the house at Coachella.



You're based in D.C. Does it feel like a new city

Totally. It started the night of the election. The streets were
mobbed with people celebrating. I live in the middle of town
and it's simple things: less Escalades flying up and down
the street and more single-gear bikes. The city is being
humanized. During the Bush administration -- I've lived
there since the middle of '02 -- those guys wrecked
everything. There's a lot of rebuilding to do, but some of
the class war that was there -- whenever Republicans are in
power and city services start to shrink the disenfranchised get
angry -- now that's starting to dissipate and
everybody's getting along better. It's a lot

Tell me about your upcoming memoir.

I'm working on an autobiography that'll be out
in the fall of 2010. Michael Azerrad [author of
Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana

] is editing the book and keeping me on track. I think
it'll be really interesting; I've never been the kind
of person who looks back much on his life, I always try to move
forward. So looking back on the past 48 and 49 years is pretty

Will it put you in the rock and alternative scenes of the
'80s and '90s?

There'll be a lot of music, a lot of personal stuff.
There's nothing that's off-limits. And Azerrad's
pushing me. The whole dynamic of Hüsker Dü
will be told from my perspective; I've been really
reticent about that.

How's your relationship with the guys in Hüsker
Dü now?

There is none. Every handful of years we have to agree on one
or two business things and that's it.

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