12 Reasons Lady Gaga Deserves Our 'Applause'

Following the official release of her new music video, 'Applause,' on Monday, we list a dozen examples of what makes Lady Gaga an LGBT ally worth cheering.



Gaga Goes to Washington
It wasn't exactly a summit with the president. But Gaga did bring her message about fighting bullying directly to President Obama. During a question-and-answer session at a private fund-raiser, Gaga thanked Obama for hosting an antibullying conference and implored others in the room to do anything they could to stand up for kids. It all happened around the time that upstate New York teen Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide created headlines and the star dedicated a performance of "Hair" to his memory (see video above). She eventually did visit the White House to address the issue. Then Gaga's mom worked with top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on a suicide prevention program launched in 2012.


The Four Big Votes
When voters in four states had the chance in 2012 to make a difference for marriage equality, Lady Gaga helped give a boost to a social media awareness campaign called "The Four" by taping a video message. “I just wanted to remind those of you who live in Maine, Minnesota, Washington, or Maryland that you can actually vote for marriage equality on the ballot this year,” she said, hoping to reach movable mainstream voters.  One of the group's cofounders called her "a major amplifier of equality.”

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