WATCH: Irish Actor Gives Eminem Equality Makeover With 'Putin Rap'
February 07 2014 5:21 PM ET

WATCH: Irish Actor Gives Eminem Equality Makeover With 'Putin Rap'

Jase Peeples

Irish actor Dermot Magennis bombards Russia's homophobic president with f-bombs in 'The Putin Rap.'

February 03 2014 1:53 PM ET

WATCH: Kylie Minogue Seduces in New Video For 'Into the Blue'

The official video for her new single is here

February 01 2014 2:15 PM ET

38 Queer Black Musicians: From Sylvester to Angel Haze

There are more queer musicians of color than just Frank Ocean and RuPaul.

WATCH: Christian Rapper's Antigay Response to 'Same Love'
January 31 2014 1:16 PM ET

WATCH: Christian Rapper's Antigay Answer to 'Same Love'

Sunnivie Brydum

Texas rapper Bizzle uses the instrumental hook from Macklemore's 'Same Love' to say that LGBT people are sinful, violent, and just like pedophiles.

WATCH: Against Me! Rocks Late Show with David Letterman
January 30 2014 11:24 AM ET

WATCH: Against Me! Rocks Letterman

Parker Marie Molloy

The punk group wraps up its recent tour with a performance on CBS's Late Show With David Letterman.

VIDEO AND PHOTOS: Couples Pledge 'Same Love' at Grammys
January 27 2014 1:22 AM ET

WATCH: Couples Pledge 'Same Love' at Grammys

Trudy Ring

Queen Latifah officiated the vows as Macklemore, Mary Lambert, and Madonna provided the music.

Grammys to Feature Mass Wedding to 'Same Love'
January 26 2014 3:34 PM ET

Grammys to Feature Mass Wedding to 'Same Love'

Trudy Ring

Queen Latifah will be the officiant, with 34 couples, gay and straight, married as the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song is performed.

January 23 2014 10:45 AM ET

Opera Gets Sexy: Brokeback Mountain Dress Rehearsal Photos

Male leads Tom Randle (Jack) and Daniel Okulitch (Ennis) will be showing much more skin than we typically expect from baritones

January 21 2014 12:41 PM ET

LISTEN: Leaked Kylie Minogue Track, 'Into The Blue'

The track is a breezy, fun pop song that hits all the right notes. You can expect to hear this song in heavy rotation on CW's roster of shows.

Toni Braxton: Still Making Us High
January 21 2014 8:00 AM ET

Toni Braxton: Still Makin' Us High

Jase Peeples

With her eighth studio album about to drop, the sultry singer shares her personal demons, her irritation with the state of marriage equality, and her suspicions that she was a lesbian in a previous life.

One Direction's Payne Supports Family Values of Duck Dynasty Member
January 18 2014 11:00 PM ET January 19 2014 5:36 PM ET

One Direction's Payne Praises Duck Dynasty's 'Family Values'

Neal Broverman

The boy band member is angry with the media after tweeting his "respect" for the "family values" of Willie Robertson, the son of Duck Dynasty's antigay patriarch.

WATCH: 'Don't Ask Me Why' We Support Equality for All
January 17 2014 9:11 PM ET

WATCH: 'Don't Ask Me Why' We Support Equality

Sunnivie Brydum

Brooklyn-based band Great Caesar comes out with swinging with a powerful new music video to 'Don't Ask Me Why,' the group's pro-equality anthem.

January 16 2014 3:38 PM ET

Morrissey To Release New Album

The singer nabbed himself a new major label deal