WATCH: The Best (and Not So Best) of LGBT Chorus Holiday Music

WATCH: The Best (or Not So Best) of LGBT Holiday Choirs

LGBT choral groups around the world provide some of the most moving musical moments for the holidays. Sure, there are those performances that are a little off pitch — but we enjoy them all.

A Brief History of Macklemore's 'Same Love'

Nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammys, we track the same-sex marriage anthem's rise from quiet praise to top-tier status.

Epic Mashup of 2013's 68 Best Songs

Daniel Kim is back with his annual Pop Danthology

Britney Spears: A (Queer) Piece of Me

Britney Spears: A (Queer) Piece of Me

With her eighth studio album released today, the iconic pop performer opens up about being inspired by LGBT fans, gearing up for her Vegas show, and the influence of drag on modern pop music.

Broadway's Nick Adams Strips & Joins Skivvies for Sexy Christmas Vid

Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley are The Skivvies, and there's no question that they know how to get your attention.

Will Russia Halt Elton John's Concerts This Friday?

Will Russia Halt Elton John's Concerts This Friday?

Elton John heads to Russia to perform this weekend, but he may be in violation of the country's anti-LGBT propaganda law.

Amy Ray Releases First Single From Her First Country Album

'Oyster and Pearl' is the first single from Goodnight Tender

Stream Britney Jean: New Britney Spears Album

She's promoting it with an exclusive stream on iTunes (click "View in iTunes" to stream on your computer).

EXCLUSIVE: Powerful Female Love Story in Melissa Laveaux's New Vid

The song "Triggers" is the second single from the French-Canadian's forthcoming "Memory is a Strange Bell" EP (out Dec. 3)

WATCH: Cher Wants You To Take It Like A Man

Or an Andrew Christian model (at least)

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