WATCH Streisand and Son Jason Gould in Concert
October 16 2012 6:10 PM ET

WATCH: Streisand and Son Jason Gould in Concert

Trudy Ring

Streisand and her son duet on 'How Deep Is the Ocean' on the opening night of her concert tour.

WATCH Transgender Zombies Take Manhattan
October 16 2012 11:14 AM ET

Transgender Zombies Take Manhattan

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Up for a Right Out Award, cantador StormMiguel Florez releases his first music video.

WATCH Barbra Streisand in Concert at Sold Out Brooklyn Show
October 13 2012 10:41 AM ET

Barbra Streisand in Concert

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The legendary 70-year-old singer performs a sold-out show in Brooklyn, the first time in her hometown since she was 8 years old.

WATCH Pinks Nearly Naked Video for Try
October 10 2012 1:31 PM ET

WATCH: Pink's Nearly Naked Video for 'Try'

Neal Broverman

The new video for Pink's second single off The Truth About Love was just released and it's a beautifully choreographed piece of interpretive dance.

Tori Amos The Cosmic View
October 09 2012 5:54 PM ET

Tori Amos: The Cosmic View

Matthew Breen

Songs from Tori Amos’s 20-year solo career take on new life in her 13th studio album.

WATCH Gays Guys Dance in NYC Music Video
October 04 2012 11:13 AM ET

WATCH: Gays Guys Dance in Miasha's 'Everybody's Beautiful' Video

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Miasha recorded over 50 random New Yorkers dancing with her smartphone.

WATCH Nicki v Mariah
October 03 2012 6:48 PM ET

WATCH: Nicki v. Mariah

Neal Broverman

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey had a knock-down, drag-out fight during recent American Idol auditions in Charlotte, N.C.