Is Eminem Bashing Gays on His New Album?

Is Eminem Bashing Gays on His New Album?

He's said he supports same-sex marriage and doesn't have a problem with gay men, but some activists think his lyrics speak for themselves.

LISTEN: Stream Katy Perry’s New Album Prism

That's right, listen to the entire album for free

Disco Ruido: The Men Behind Mexico’s Electro-Pop Revival

Like many excellent bands, Disco Ruido emerged from the urgent need of three young men to find a party they could call their own.

Girl Group Raises Red Flag for LGBT Equality

WATCH: Girl Group Raises 'Red Flag' for LGBT Equality

The new music video from Xelle is a dance-inducing addition to the soundtrack for equality.

LISTEN: Tegan & Sara Premiere New Song on Dallas Buyers Club Soundtrack

"Shudder to Think" is the first song to be released from the soundtrack for the film starring McConaughey and Jared Leto

Listen: Katy Perry's 'Birthday' Has 'Leaked'

The catchy track is off her album Prism, due out Oct. 22

Britney Spears Reveals Title of Upcoming Album

Britney Spears Reveals Title of Upcoming Album

The title of the highly anticipated album from the gay icon has been unveiled.

WATCH: Cherie Lily Serves Up 'Body' and Gay Ballroom Culture

The NYC pop singer pays tribute to gay ballroom culture and hot muscle in her new video.

Q&A Quickie: Kenyth Mogan, Wholesome Gay Musician

The singer-songwriter chats about music, manhood, and growing up gay in Montana.

10 Questions to Skye Edwards of Morcheeba

The voice of Morcheeba talks about the band's breakup and reunion, and spills details on their new album "Head Up High," out today.

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