Queen Latifah Will Headline First Gay Pride Festival

Queen Latifah to Headline Her First Gay Pride Fest

Actress-singer Queen Latifah will participate as a performer at a gay pride celebration for the first time with a concert at Long Beach, California's annual LGBT Pride festival later this month.

Lady Gaga Enters a Korean War With Christian Fundamalists

Lady Gaga Enters Korean War

Lady Gaga is taking her Born This Way Ball to South Korea and some religious folks aren't giving her the warmest of welcomes.  

Kat Graham Learned Everything From Drag Queens
April 30 2012 2:21 PM ET

Kat Graham Learned Everything From Drag Queens

The singer-actress speaks to The Advocate about pursuing her hot single “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” her obsession with drag queens, and her close ties to the transgender community.

Hello Gorgeous Barbra Streisand Turns 70

Hello, Gorgeous! Barbra Streisand Turns 70

As she celebrates her 70th birthday today, the legendary entertainer who broke all the rules is still doing things her way. The author of the upcoming biography Hello Gorgeous considers why, after a career that spans six decades, Streisand remains one of our most relatable icons.

When Queers Collide Margaret Cho Interviews Garrison Starr

When Queers Collide: Margaret Cho Interviews Garrison Starr 

In time for her new album's release, Garrison Starr sits down with her biggest fan, queer comic Margaret Cho.

Perez Hilton Reflects With Oprah

Perez Hilton Reflects On His Spiritual Journey With Oprah

Perez Hilton will open up to Oprah Winfrey about the positive direction he's consciously taken in his career and lifestyle during an episode of Oprah's Life Class: The Tour.

Macy Gray Got You Covered

Macy Gray's Got You Covered

Admit it — you have probably sung along to Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” during the early stages of love, or “Creep” by Radiohead while feeling a little more damaged inside. So has Macy Gray. But she didn’t stop there.Gray's new album, Covered, is not only eclectic and adventurous, but also a clear reflection of the artist herself.“Of course I’m a fan of all those songs,” Gray said. She fell in love with the lyrics of a wide range of hits, including those mentioned, as well as “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West and “Here Comes the Rain Again” by The Eurythmics. The key to choosing the right song for this album, Gray said, was finding one she could spin in her own peculiar, dark, twisty kind of way while of course wielding her signature raspy voice. Covered seems particularly dark with a tone that Gray said is akin to “hiding in a dark closet.”It’s been two years since Gray released The Sellout, with a title track that takes a dig at a music industry in tumult as artists grapple with reduced album sales, a heavily reliance on revenue from touring, and piracy. But Macy Gray can’t be held down by any of that. Filmmakers are increasingly captivated by her unique star quality, prompting them to cast Gray in pictures like Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls and out director Lee Daniels's upcoming film The Paperboy. Gray has a particular affinity for Daniels, who she calls "really awesome" and whose own success with Precious nearly won him an Academy Award in 2010."He’s different. He’s loud," she said of Daniels. "He wants to get exactly what he wants. He’s really an extraordinary guy and a very interesting guy. He’s probably one of the most open people I’ve met. He’s not afraid to talk about anything."The film, starring Zac Efron, John Cusack, Matthew McConaughey, and Nicole Kidman, is about a journalist tasked with returning to his home town in Florida to investigate the case of a death row inmate. But being on set with Kidman was, by far, the most memorable thing about the shoot for Gray.“I just remember I couldn’t keep my eyes off Nicole Kidman,” Gray said. “I was just star-struck, and I haven’t been star-struck in a long time. I think I freaked her out.” Gray isn’t one to conform with expectations. With big, natural hair, outlandish outfits, and her love of Metallica, Gray happily defies her persona as simply a soul singer. Gray sees the soul in bands like Sublime and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because, in the end, good song writing is good song writing. She says all of her love songs should just resonate with anyone feeling a little love-struck. All of her breakup songs should resonate with anyone who’s just been dumped. She knows she has some songs that play particularly well at gay events, but Gray says her song writing — and in the case of Covered, song selection — knows no gender or orientation when it comes to audience. Men and women, straight, gay, and in between can all relate.Gray has performed at countless benefits for organizations such as the AIDS Project Los Angeles, The Advocate’s own 45th anniversary party, and gay pride events across the country. Anywhere she sees a "fight against separatism or discrimination,” Gray wants to join in.“I have a lot of gay people in my life, so it never occurred to me to not support [gay rights] or to discriminate, or have any kind of separatism," she said.Gray is always surrounded by gay people, so she can’t help but feel a connection to the LGBT community, she said. "It’s a very powerful community in music. And, we’ve all been gay on occasion, you know?” she says with a laugh. Watch the videos on the following pages for "Smoke Two Joints," popularized by Sublime, "Creep," originally performed by Radiohead, and a live performance of "Teenagers," originally by My Chemical Romance.

WATCH Is America Ready For an Openly Gay President

WATCH: Is America Ready for an Openly Gay President?

"Trust Me," the new video from Matt Zarley, finds the out entertainer portraying a GOP presidential candidate embroiled in a gay sex scandal after footage surfaces of him making out in a hot tub with a sexy younger man.

Madonna Will Speak Up for Gays at St. Petersburg Concert

Madonna Will “Speak Up” for Gays at St. Petersburg Concert

Madonna tells Bloomberg News she will speak out against St. Petersburg, Russia’s new antigay law when she performs there in August.

Aiden James The Folk Musician Goes Pop

Aiden James: The Folk Musician Goes Pop

 Singer/songwriter Aiden James struck a chord with music listeners with his latest release. "Best Shot," the electro-infused first single off his third studio album Trouble With This recently climbed to number 28 on the iTune's top 100 chart. James took a moment from his tour schedule to speak with The Advocate about his music, family, ambition, and the pride he feels being an out musician.The Advocate: How would you respond if I say, “folk rock has gone to the gays?” Aiden James: I would say you’re absolutely right. [Laughs] I don’t know, I wouldn’t consider myself folk anymore. If you were to take one of my songs and depending on what production you put behind it, it could be anything. You know the electronic production I have on my record is pop. Like, David Grey came out with White Ladder, it’s that singer songwriter kind of pop so I think folk rock and me, I don’t listen to it and I certainly don’t consider myself folk rock. But yeah, it’s very gay, everyone’s doing that.How did you react when “Best Shot” went to the top 30 on iTunes? It’s very validating. You put a lot of work into a record and it’s some really bum nights and a year of my life. It’s like being on RuPaul’s Drag Race and winning the drag challenge. [Laughs] It’s very surreal to see your dreams materialize and come true and it shows the power of fans and how much power people have when they click “buy” and download it really has a powerful impact on an artist.What compels you to go about doing all that work?It’s something I love to do. You know, big shock, a musician who likes to make music. But also, as I’ve toured around the country I’ve realized it’s really important to be out and open about who you are and what you do. Being gay, [I've learned that] a lot of people can hate you for that very reason. And like you were saying early with my album, when it hit number 28 on iTunes I feel that I won that day. It kinda gave hate a really big slap in the face and I think we all won that day. Me being successful, it’s not only about me but there’s something else behind it now with everything that’s going on fighting for LGBT rights and equality.

The Best Queer Jewish Transgender Rock Band Ever

The Best Queer, Jewish, Transgender Rock Band Ever

The Shondes are using SXSW and a new video to launch their American tour.

In Bed and On Tour With Madonna

In Bed and On Tour With Madonna

Entertainer Kevin Stea recalls how his life was forever changed when he traveled the world with Madonna during her Blond Ambition tour, which was captured in the documentary Truth or Dare.

Ricky Martin to Nancy Alvarez Were Born This Way

Ricky Martin to Nancy Alvarez: We're Born This Way

Former Univision host Nancy Alvarez tells Ricky Martin that bad parenting made him gay.