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Morgxn is proudly queering Southern music

Morgxn is proudly queering Southern music

<p>Morgxn is proudly queering Southern music</p>
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The nonbinary singer tells us why he ditched L.A. for a very different life in Tennessee.

Nashville-based musician Morgan Isaac Karr, better known as Morgxn, is best known for his viral duet “Wonder” with Sara Bareilles and his distinctive vocals on two Tiësto tracks.

With soaring hooks, alt-pop production, provocative lyrics, and powerful vocals, his new album, Beacon, confidently says that Morgxn is a voice in indie music you need to pay attention to.

The album was recorded in Tennessee, after Morgxn decided to return home after living in L.A. for a few years. The title track was even recorded on his childhood piano. For him, recording in his home state, where queer and trans rights are on the line, was an important statement.

Why do you feel it’s important for queer artists from places like Tennessee to be putting out music right now?

I won’t say Tennessee is for everyone…but if you can stomach moving to a smaller town or anywhere that’s not NYC or L.A. there is something almost urgent and vital about being loud in those places. It feels like Tennessee is in its cusp era — trying pathetically to hold onto its old self while this new population of people are really fighting to make it a place for all people.

Do you have a song that means the most to you on this album?

“Getting older in a modern time” is one of the hardest ideas I’ve had to articulate. It doesn’t feel cute or sexy or particularly easy to digest. But it feels incredibly important to say out loud. I’ve already seen the song soundtrack baby videos, old pets, humans — we are all getting older. Doesn’t matter what stage you are at. Getting older is for everyone. You can’t ignore time. You can’t escape it. But embracing it is something I don’t see enough in our media, and I’m committed to sharing what is real.

One of the things you’re known for is duets. Who’s a queer artist you’d love to duet with?

Troye Sivan. And if I could resurrect someone for a conversation and a duet, Luther Vandross.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

I have a really exciting collaboration coming soon and it’s been thrilling to play this music live and see and hear people singing along. But mostly I’m excited about marrying the sweet love of my life, Gabriel, and spending time working on our farm together, “Fruity Farm.” You can follow along as we renovate and start an orchard together in a small town outside of Nashville.

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