Good Golly, Miss Molly

Molly Ringwald discusses her new ABC Family series, her daughter's gay godfather, her obsession with eBay, and why Andie could never have ended up with Duckie



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I hear you're a bit of an eBay junkie. Yeah, I love it. All the furniture in the house I just moved into is from eBay and CraigsList. Brenda says I should do a reality show where I go around the country and pick up all the things I've bought online. You know, when I go to pick things up now, I can sometimes see people looking at me in the doorway, thinking, Is that her? 

Is L.A. a big culture shock after Europe and New York? It’s been a big adjustment. But I chose to live in Venice because my daughter Matilda’s godfather lives two blocks away with his husband. 

Your daughter has a gay godfather? Yeah, Matt and I have known each other since I moved to L.A. the first time, when I was 10. And we’ve been best friends ever since. I was the best girl at his wedding, and he was a witness at mine. He’s the vice president of here! TV. 

Are you going to have to be best girl again, now that gay marriage is finally legal in California? Well, it’s funny—Matt and Greg first got married in Catalina when it wasn’t legal, and then again in San Francisco when it was legal for a split second. I think they’re going back again in a few weeks to seal the deal. 

I can imagine a lot of gay men would want you at their wedding. You must get a lot of them telling you how much movies like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink meant to them. All the time—it's really sweet. Also, for some reason, a lot of gay guys tell me that when they were growing up, they thought if they had to marry a woman, they would've wanted it to be me. Which I take as the highest of compliments. 

Maybe it's because it'd mean they'd be one step closer to Jake Ryan. A lot of men have been pining for Jake. He's a bit of a gay icon. 

I have been commanded to ask you this by all my friends: How could you choose Blane over Duckie? Are you kidding? Duckie was so totally gay! 

Really!?! Oh, my God, yes! I didn’t realize it at the time, but he loves Andie the way gay men love their best female friend. We filmed an ending with me ending up with Duckie and it was a disaster. There was no energy at all.

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