WATCH: This Week in LGBT TV

Seven things you shouldn't have missed on TV last week from Matt Bomer's crack abs to Jane Lynch's new gig, gay dudes on soaps, new shows from Kathy Griffin and Lisa Vanderpump, and David Burkta's sexy, sexy dreams.





And More Gay Drama on Days of Our Lives

If you're watching the remaining broadcast soap operas, there was more gay drama on Days of Our Lives this week as well. Plus, its one of the few shows with a young gay couple on TV, daytime or otherwise. This week, there was a tux  try-on (adorbs), a bachelor party, a wedding, and some baby secret stuff (don't ask). Here's a video in case you missed it. You may also want to check out Greg in Hollywood, which does lovely little daily video recaps of the show, especially the gay dudes.

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