Gay Stars Do Final Tribute to American Horror Story: Asylum

The scary series with more than one gay character has a slew of fans clamoring for more. Creator Ryan Murphy responds with this final video.



After last month's season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum a mini cottage industry sprung up around the series, with a series of mishmash videos popping up (Google American Horror Story Harlem Shake for this week's trend), queer fan fiction (as if the series needed even more gaying), and endless fan memoriums and demanding tributes. The show's creators even put out this final video in which the actors (including two of the gay stars, Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto) talk about life inside Briarcliff, the asylum around which the season revolved. Watch for yourself with the video below, while you wait for the series to arrive on DVD and for the season three incarnation to return to the little screen (both of which are expected to happen this fall).


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