Michele Bachmann Rick Santorum Inspired True Blood Season 5
June 18 2012 1:16 PM ET

True Blood Muses Revealed: Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum

Jeremy Kinser

True Blood show runner Alan Ball reveals he found inspiration for season 5 of the HBO supernatural hit while watching Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum during the Republican primaries, <

WATCH Glenn Beck Developing Alternative to Horrifying Glee
June 16 2012 1:12 PM ET

WATCH: Glenn Beck Creating Alternative to 'Glee'

Trudy Ring

Beck plans a conservative alternative to the LGBT-inclusive show that won't 'celebrate high school kids hooking up.'

Ryan Kwanten Predatory Gay Vampires Helped His Character Grow
June 14 2012 4:33 PM ET

Ryan Kwanten: Predatory Gay Vampires Helped His Character Grow

Jeremy Kinser

Ryan Kwanten says his True Blood character Jason Stackhouse's matter-of-fact attitude toward a predatory gay vampire illustrates how the character has evolved over the past four seasons of

Cake Boss Pulls Episode After Insulting Transgender Star Carmen Carrera
June 13 2012 6:29 PM ET

TLC Pulls Cake Boss After Transphobic Joke Crashes and Burns

Neal Broverman

Trans star Carmen Carrera fights for respect after appearing on a degrading episode of Cake Boss.

Portia de Rossi Cast As Lily Munster
June 13 2012 9:44 AM ET

Portia de Rossi Cast As Lily Munster

Jeremy Kinser

Actress Portia de Rossi will play matriarch Lily Munster in Mockingbird Lane, out producer Bryan Fuller's dramatic reboot of the '60s sitcom The Munsters for NBC,

WATCH Dan Savage Helps Gay Frat Boys
June 12 2012 5:46 PM ET

WATCH: Dan Savage Helps Gay Frat Boys

Jeremy Kinser

Dan Savage offers advice to a Cornell University student who is concerned that the guy he's dating isn't fully comfortable with his sexuality, in an episode of the MTV series Savage U.

FIRST LOOK Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor
June 04 2012 6:07 PM ET

FIRST LOOK: Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Jeremy Kinser

Liz & Dick, the film starring Lindsay Lohan as late screen idol-AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor, began filming today in Los Angeles and the first publicity photo has been released.