Mark Glaze Is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Gun Control Advocate
December 14 2012 6:00 AM ET

Mark Glaze: Bloomberg's Gun Control Advocate

Savas Abadsidis

The gay Coloradan helping Michael Bloomberg reform the country's firearms laws says he understands the gun culture and what is needed to change it.

WATCH Gay Employee Led Customers To Safety in Oregon Shooting
December 13 2012 2:36 PM ET

Gay Man Called a Hero After Oregon Mall Shooting

Sunnivie Brydum

Allan Fonseca, a gay man who works at the Macy's in Clackamas Town Center, reportedly guided scared, confused customers outside to safety during the fatal shooting on Tuesday.

Antigay Hate Crimes Second Highest Category in Nation
December 11 2012 2:27 PM ET

Antigay Hate Crimes Second Highest Category in Nation

Michelle Garcia

Hate crimes against gay people are up 2.6% over last year, while the number of hate crimes is down overall across the U.S.

December 06 2012 12:28 PM ET

12-Year Sentence Issued in Antigay Murder

View at STV Glasgow

Gay Man Charged With Murder in Alabama
December 03 2012 7:01 PM ET

Gay Man Charged With Murder in Alabama

Trudy Ring

Zachary Stirewalt, charged with fatally shooting the man who offered him a place to stay, was a former Eagle Scout and aspiring photographer.

Minneapolis Appoints First Lesbian Police Chief
December 02 2012 2:25 PM ET

Minneapolis Appoints First Lesbian Police Chief

Diane Anderson-Minshall

After 25 years on the force, JaneĆ© Harteau got the top post.

Man Found Guilty for Killing and Castrating his Famous Boyfriend
December 02 2012 1:15 PM ET

Man Found Guilty for Killing, Castrating Boyfriend

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Two years after Renato Seabra beat his boyfriend to death and wore his testicles on his wrists, a jury found him guilty of murder.

Mallory Owens Says Girlfriends Brother Has Beaten Her Before
November 30 2012 1:35 PM ET

Mallory Owens: Girlfriend's Brother Has Beaten Me Before

Michelle Garcia

The woman who was beaten severely on Thanksgiving by her girlfriend's brother says he tried to kill her previously.

GF of Alabama Lesbian Beaten Nearly to Death Claims It Was No Hate Crime
November 28 2012 4:04 PM ET

It Wasn't a Hate Crime, Says Alabama Lesbian's Girlfriend

Neal Broverman

Mallory Owens, beaten to a bloody pulp by her girlfriend's brother on Thanksgiving, says she is not angry about the violent incident.

Young Lesbian in Brutal Attack on Thanksgiving Day
November 26 2012 5:00 PM ET

Lesbian in Brutal Attack on Thanksgiving Day

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The 23-year-old was beaten at her girlfriend's family Thanksgiving celebration.

Anti LGBT Crime Still Increasing in DC
November 26 2012 3:25 PM ET

Anti-LGBT Crime Still Increasing in D.C.

Diane Anderson-Minshall

What will it take to make Washington, D.C. safe?