Orlando's out Commissioner Patty Sheehan calls for a temporary lifting of the GBT blood ban and local hospitals seem to follow suit.

June 12 2016 1:23 PM Updated

Mir Seddique, an immigrant from Afghanistan, told a reporter from NBC News "we are in shock like the whole country." 

June 12 2016 1:21 PM Updated

The politician — proudly opposed to LGBT rights — says the message was not a statement about the Orlando massacre victims.

June 12 2016 12:58 PM

The father of Omar Mateen says seeing two men kissing in Miami a few months ago angered his son and could be what motivated him to kill 50 people and wound 53 others.

June 12 2016 12:54 PM Updated

Family members distraught as they search for their loved ones following Pulse nightclub shooting. 

June 12 2016 12:53 PM Updated

Orlando, Fla. Mayor Buddy Dyer and Congressman Alan Grayson of Orlando held a news conference Sunday morning to release new information about the deadly shootings at Pulse nightclub.

June 12 2016 12:39 PM

The death toll from this morning's shootings at Pulse nightclub far surpass the killings of patrons at an Aurora movie theater in 2012. 

June 12 2016 12:10 PM Updated