No arrests have been made yet in the murder of Ty Underwood, but friends of the victim say police should consider the attack a hate crime.

January 27 2015 12:32 PM

The murder of David Frigaard has shaken a quiet corner near St. Paul.

January 26 2015 2:56 PM

Lamia Beard died at a hospital after being shot in the early morning hours last Saturday, and local media outlets are failing to report accurately on the trans woman's death.

January 23 2015 2:00 PM Updated

On his way home from celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Don Brooks never expected to be the victim of what he calls a hate crime.

January 21 2015 3:22 PM

Seeking more information is not the same as disbelieving a victim of sexual abuse.

January 16 2015 6:00 AM

After pleading guilty to stabbing a trans teen aboard a train, hate crime enhancements have now extended the maximum time Reginald Anthony Klaiber may serve in prison.

January 15 2015 3:33 PM

The police have not pursued hate-crime charges in the incident, which involved antigay slurs and assault.

January 15 2015 3:26 PM

LeslieAnn Manning says staff at her male prison facility knew that she, as a trans woman, faced an increased risk of rape, but chose to turn a blind eye.

January 10 2015 5:30 AM

Samantha Hulsey survived being stabbed in the chest on a San Francisco bus and says it's clear that her accused attacker targeted her for being trans.

January 09 2015 2:28 PM

A cartoon of the prophet lip-locked with the magazine's editorial director was no doubt high on the list of resentments attackers used to justify killings in Paris.

January 07 2015 9:59 PM