COMMENTARY: True Confessions, an Open Letter by Larry Kramer



Regarding the proposed move of the GMHC, playwright and gay rights activists Larry Kramer wrote this open letter, dated June 9, 2010.

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Sometimes I feel like an asshole, sending these things out to what seems like half the world, all the people I know or ever knew or don't know at all, whom I think might help, might write stories about what's bugging me, this issue at hand, so awful I think, but no one joins me in thinking this way, or so it always seems. Newspapers don't pick it up, or TV or, well maybe a blog or two, I hear that's the way to go but I am from the days of newsprint and those days are gone, even for assholes who think they're still here, and viable, and useful, and can change things, like I try to do. You see, I get these bugs up my ass, things bug me when they're wrong, things about things I care about, which is mostly always all gay stuff, my people I call us, though no one else of us calls us that, no one thinks we're each other's people, which is too bad, another bummer. I get this notion I can change things if I scream loud enough and email enough people and expose the wrongs, the hateful wrongs. Once in a while I do, not often, and I try and pacify myself by hoping that eventually people say, you're right, Larry was right, we should have listened to Larry. Most of the time I don't get that, I get myself out there on some issue nobody gives a shit about, like once-fine organizations now run by idiots and second-raters, who are causing pain to the people they're supposed to love and take care of, which are, like I said, my people. It's real hard to get idiots and second-raters to change, to leave the once-fine organization so the house can be cleaned up a bit. Yes, it's hard to get them to leave, especially when you call them idiots and second-raters, which is obvious to me and others but not, of course to them. So changing things is even harder.

Such is the case now where we've got this once fine and noble place, once called Gay Men's Health Crisis, now stripped of the nobility of its once proud gay association, GMHC it is nakedly named now, and it has a board of idiots and a once OK CEO who has fallen into exhausted second-ratedness and really has to be told by somebody to please, please, leave the place, go take a rest, let some new air in and hope it will be a good change, a visionary change, like I really know all of those idiot board members once wanted to be visionaries themselves, somewhere along the journeys of our lives, before they missed that boat.

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