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March 24 2014 12:23 PM ET

IV 101: How Do I Tell My Kids I Have HIV?

WATCH: How Has Marriage Equality Affected Gay Dating?
March 17 2014 6:15 PM ET

WATCH: How Has Marriage Equality Affected Gay Dating?

Justin Hernandez

Has the push for marriage equality affected the way same-sex couples date? sat down with several owners of gay dating sites to investigate.

Wendy Williams Apologizes for Transphobic Panel Discussion
March 17 2014 3:45 PM ET

Wendy Williams Sorry for Transphobic Panel Discussion

Parker Marie Molloy

The popular daytime talk show host led an ill-informed panel discussion about transgender athlete Chloie Jonsson, and now she's apologized.

March 17 2014 11:53 AM ET

HIV 101: What Is a Serodiscordant Couple?

WATCH: 'First Gay Hug' Parodies 'First Kiss' Viral Video
March 17 2014 2:19 AM ET

WATCH: First Gay Hug Parodies First Kiss Viral Video

Justin Hernandez

A parody of the 'First Kiss' video illustrates the ridiculous statements that sometimes come out of the mouths of uninformed heterosexuals.

HHS Orders Insurers to Cover All Married Same-Sex Couples
March 14 2014 4:14 PM ET

HHS Orders Insurers to Cover All Married Same-Sex Couples

Sunnivie Brydum

If insurance companies provide family benefits to married opposite-sex couples, they must offer the same benefits to legally married same-sex couples, the Department of Health and Human Services said today.