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Maryland to Provide Transition Care to Trans State Employees
July 22 2014 11:28 AM ET

Good News for Transgender State Employees in Md.

Parker Marie Molloy

Just months after the passage of sweeping, statewide nondiscrimination statute protecting transgender people, Maryland announces that trans state employees will no longer face discrimination in insurance.

Number Crunch: Drugs
July 21 2014 6:13 AM ET

Number Crunch: Drugs Editors

There’s been a very visible sea change in the relationship between Americans and drugs.

HIV: What's Missing in 'Undetectable'
July 21 2014 4:00 AM ET

HIV: What's Missing in 'Undetectable'

Bryan Van Gorder

A pioneering new study shows no HIV infections in mixed-status couples, and underscores the difficulty of getting MSM to take part.

Dept. of Defense: Chelsea Manning May Begin Transition in Prison
July 18 2014 1:01 PM ET

Chelsea Manning Gets Good News From Military

Parker Marie Molloy

Nearly a year after her lawyer put in a request to begin hormone replacement therapy, it appears that the Department of Defense has agreed to treat Chelsea Manning.

Op-ed: What It's Like to Date a Porn King
July 18 2014 7:00 AM ET

Op-ed: What It's Like to Date a Porn King

Tyler Helms

Ad exec Tyler Helms says his relationship with adult entertainer–tycoon Michael Lucas is not what you think it is.

Op-Ed: Vagina Cooties and Dating Bi Guys
July 16 2014 3:00 AM ET

Op-Ed: Vagina Cooties and Dating Bi Guys

Eliel Cruz

Would you date a bi guy? I mean, why not?

Op-ed: When Will We Finally Stop Smoking?
July 15 2014 5:54 PM ET

Op-ed: When Will We Finally Stop Smoking?

Fifty years ago, the surgeon general said smoking causes long-term health problems. So why can't LGBT people stop doing it?