WATCH: 'There Will Be' an Openly Gay U.S. President, Says Billie Jean King

The groundbreaking moment won't come in her lifetime, but it will come, King tells Harry Smith on Meet the Press.



Billie Jean King
Billie Jean King

Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press featured an interview with tennis legend Billie Jean King by Harry Smith, in which she discussed her career and her fight for equal treatment of women in sports, the experience of being outed, her participation in the presidential delegation to next month’s Winter Olympics in Russia, and whether the U.S. will ever have a woman president or an openly gay one.

Being outed “started me in getting to my truth, which was huge, so it does in the end set you free,” King said. She also noted that “just showing up” as an openly gay athlete in Russia will have a huge impact.

She added that she expects there will be a woman president “before I’m out of here,” and as for an out gay president, “not in my lifetime. But there will be.”

Watch the full interview below.

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