The Monument to Muslim Terrorism



COMMENTARY: In New York City last week, the planned Islamic cultural center near ground zero was given the go-ahead, when the Landmarks Commission denied landmark status to the existing building on the proposed construction site. Mayor Bloomberg gave an impassioned speech in support of the decision that is already referred to as one of the most stirring pieces of oratory of his mayoralty.

Personally, I am not at all concerned about the fate of the existing buildings on 45–47 Park Place. Though I do wonder if we should continue demolitions around ground zero, where so many buildings have already been lost. But let’s not dwell on preservation issues. What I am really struck with is how Islamic doublespeak is once again co-opting the liberal consciousness and Islamic politicians are once again using religion to achieve their worldly goals.

What is it that’s really planned to be built on Park Place? When it is convenient to the Muslim community, it’s just a “cultural center”—13 floors of Islamic culture (whatever that may be). And at other times, it’s a mosque, taking advantage of America’s convictions about religious freedom.

But it really doesn’t matter how you describe the building. Let’s face it: New York’s financial district is not exactly a center of Muslim population. It will be difficult to come to pray from homes in Queens or Brooklyn five times a day. So why build at such long distance from the most potential users?

Let’s not fool ourselves: This monstrosity is designed as a demonstration of political Islam’s ascendancy. And the ambiguity between secular and religious purpose mirrors precisely the strategic use of religion by Islamic politicians — the way they use religion to keep their people quiet and make their imprint on the world. This arrogance and disrespect of people’s feelings will hurt the Muslim community just as much as all the countless terrorist attacks that are being carried out by sons of Allah all over the world. 

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