WATCH: Lindsey Graham Wants GOP to Stop Fighting Marriage Equality

Lindsey Graham to GOP: Stop Fighting Marriage Equality

‘Accept the court’s ruling; fight for the religious liberties of every American,’ says the South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate.

Republican Presidential Candidates Aren't Having a Good Day

Republican 2016 Candidates Aren't Having a Good Day

Some Republican candidates for president want to fight the decision.

Bobby Jindal Makes It Official: He's Running for President

Bobby Jindal Makes It Official: He's Running for President

The Louisiana governor is one more far-right, antigay candidate in the field.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Video

WATCH: Hillary’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Ad

If Hillary's latest video on marriage equality doesn't make your eyes well with tears of joy, we don't know what will.

California Judge: 'Death to Gays' Ballot Measure 'Patently Unconstitutional'

Judge: 'Death to Gays' Measure 'Patently Unconstitutional'

This means Attorney General Kamala Harris won't have to let the measure's sponsor try to gather signatures to put it before voters.

Don Lemon Slammed for Displaying N Word on TV, Asking 'Are You Offended?'

Controversy Dogs Don Lemon for Showing the N Word

Critics are attacking the controversial CNN anchorman for showing a word on TV most of us won't even say out loud and The Advocate shows here only in context.

Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum Sign Antigay Pledge With Who's Who of Wingnuts

Huckabee, Santorum Sign Antigay Marriage Pledge

The Republican presidential hopefuls are in good company, adding their names to a pledge to protect 'traditional marriage' endorsed by the Duggar family and leaders of certified antigay hate groups.

WATCH: To Mike Huckabee, Marriage Equality Is Like Dred Scott

Did Huckabee Just Compare Marriage Equality to Slavery?

'If we're not going to follow our Constitution, maybe we should loan it to some developing country,' suggested the presidential hopeful.

GOP Candidates Vie to Be Most Antigay at Rightwing Event

GOP Candidates Vie to Be Most Antigay at Rightwing Event

Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C. concluded on Friday, and it was as bad as you'd expect.

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