Aug Sept 2016
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The Right Way to Capture Love

The Right Way to Capture Love

Photographer Thea Dodds and wedding industry veteran Kathryn Hamm have both realized that same-sex weddings just cannot be captured and documented the same way as hetero couples.

"Simply put, what works for a straight couple won’t always work for a gay or lesbian couple," Dodds says. "Weddings are changing, and photography education needs to change too."

So the duo collaborated with 38 other photographers to publish Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography, highlighting the love between 46 same-sex couples from across the country. The book serves as a guide compelling photographers to look how the faces of love and weddings are changing for the 21st century.

On the following pages are examples from the book, available today, and through digital download in March.

CapturingLove2x560 JenLynne ADVOCATE

CapturingLove1 MaggieRife X560 ADVOCATE

CapturingLovex630 Meredithhanafi ADVOCATE

CapturingLove3x630 KatForder

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