Northern Irish Couples to File Lawsuit for Marriage Equality

Northern Ireland is now only part of the United Kingdom without same-sex marriage.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Video

WATCH: Hillary’s New Tearjerking Marriage Equality Ad

If Hillary's latest video on marriage equality doesn't make your eyes well with tears of joy, we don't know what will.

Why Is the Face of Marriage Equality So White?

Why Is the Face of Marriage Equality So White?

Necessary But Dangerous: After SCOTUS rules on marriage equality, we'll want to celebrate, but will advertising campaigns make room for people of color in our happy ending?

Op-ed: I Want My Divorce, Texas

Op-ed: I Want My Divorce, Texas

Robert Teir's troubled husband left one day and never came back. Two years later, Teir is fine with that — except for the fact that Texas won't grant him a divorce.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Warns Predicting SCOTUS Ruling Could Be 'Dangerous'

WATCH: Maddow on Danger of Predicting SCOTUS

Although many are optimistic when it comes to the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on marriage equality, Rachel Maddow says there is still no room for assumptions.

Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum Sign Antigay Pledge With Who's Who of Wingnuts

Huckabee, Santorum Sign Antigay Marriage Pledge

The Republican presidential hopefuls are in good company, adding their names to a pledge to protect 'traditional marriage' endorsed by the Duggar family and leaders of certified antigay hate groups.

Op-ed: The Lead Plaintiff in the National Marriage Case Waits for an Answer

Op-ed: Why I'm Still Waiting Outside the Supreme Court

Jim Obergefell's quest to call his partner — who died in 2013 — his husband has taken him to the steps of the Supreme Court numerous times. Obergefell tells us what he's learned along the way.

WATCH: Britain’s ‘Gay Married Men’ Reveal All
June 22 2015 5:28 PM ET

WATCH: Britain’s ‘Gay Married Men’ Reveal All

Members of the support group for gay men who married straight women speak out about their real, and often heartbreaking, experiences.

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