Hillary Dominates Your Picks for a 2016 Ticket

When The Advocate asked LGBT voters to fill out an online survey about the election, we couldn't help also throwing in a question about who you have in mind for 2016. The result isn't scientific. But one name stood out.



8) Julian Castro (tied)
The keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte made quite an impression with LGBT voters. And we're reminded of a certain Illinois candidate for Senate who used the speaking spot to launch to national prominence. "When it comes to letting people marry whomever they love, Mitt Romney says, 'No,'" the San Antonio mayor noted in his speech among a list of issues where the GOP nominee was on the wrong side. Castro is a longtime supporter of LGBT equality, the Dallas Voice points out, starting with becoming the first mayor to serve as grand marshall of the city's pride parade. When Castro was faced with whether to approve domestic partnership benefits in his city, he said in 2011, “This is not a new issue — this should have be done some time ago.”

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