2010? 2012? The Fight in California Continues

2010? 2012? Despite a weekend summit that brought together more than 150 marriage equality activists, consensus over the timing of an attempt to repeal California's Proposition 8 at the voting booth remains elusive.



Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of the 700,000-strong Courage Campaign, said he left the summit feeling "pretty good." Although the summit did not reach a conclusion, he was heartened that the energy to repeal Prop. 8 still exists and feels that the date issue will sort itself out "really fast."

Jacobs said that his organization has never claimed to lead the campaign, but will continue to work with grassroots organizations to educate and mobilize voters. He also suggested California's groups bring in a professional mediator to move the ballot discussions along quickly.

Phillip Minton, who runs Unite the Fight's blog, called the summit an "utter failure" in a Monday post. "Our community has splintered into factions lead by no one, going in all different directions with various agendas," he wrote.

Minton blasted the summit and attendees for straying from the agenda and failing to trust leadership. Like Solomon, he called on marriage equality groups to stop clamoring for a presence and for state leadership to remain accountable.

"It's not about 2010 or 2012 anymore," he wrote. "It's about us uniting."

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