PHOTOS: Trans Infographics Start Conversations We Need to Be Having

Three projects have devised eye-catching art to keep the buzz going about trans issues, creating shareable infographics.



Countless trans people, allies, and providers have asked themselves: How do I get conversations started about homelessness? About transphobia in the gay community? About suicide? About the successes, micro and macro, in trans lives?

This year, members of the Artivism Project, the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), and the Face of Trans*, among many other designers and activists, have been busy devising some visual responses.

Keep reading to see how these activists are using visual media to spark interpersonal conversation between various facets of the LGBT and straight communities.

Artivism Project

"We get our information in front of the eyes of people who need to see it in a way that makes it impossible to ignore," trans graphic designer H. Amelia Smith told The Advocate.

She and her team at the Artivism Project have begun developing eye-catching infographics for pressing topics surrounding transgender issues, including homelessness, exclusion from military service, hate crimes, school safety, and Internet safety.

Smith encourages people to download her team's images — which generally see between 1,000 and 22,000 shares each on social media sites — and use them in their own outreach and canvassing, emphasizing the importance of crafting professional-looking, visually striking materials that can get people thinking in ways a soundbite might not.

"Make them something beautiful, something people would want to see anyway. and suddenly the wall that comes up when you are trying to get through to them [falls]."

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