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Texas Senator Proposes Another 'License to Discriminate' Bill
November 11 2014 3:32 PM ET

Another 'License to Discriminate' Bill Proposed in Texas

Jorge Rodriguez-Jimenez

Sen. Donna Campbell is trying to legalize discrimination against LGBT people for the second time.

Jehovah's Witness Leader Lets Loose on Tight Attire From 'Homosexual Designers'
November 11 2014 3:04 PM ET

Jehovah's Witness Leader Warns About Gay Fashion Designers

Stevie St. John

A member of the church's Governing Body proscribed tight-fitting attire for both men and women and suggested that gay fashion designers were to blame for the "metrosexual" look for men.

November 11 2014 2:42 PM ET

Salute to Gay Veterans: Understanding the Military Mind After DADT

Documentary photographer Vincent Cianni spent three years to gather a spectrum of stories of gay men and women who served their country

Supreme Court Puts Kansas Marriage Equality on Hold
November 11 2014 2:00 PM ET

Supreme Court Puts Kansas Marriage Equality on Hold

Sunnivie Brydum

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has granted a temporary stay on a federal court ruling that had ordered Kansas to embrace marriage equality beginning today.

November 11 2014 12:34 PM ET

Sam Smith, Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto & Samira Wiley On Out100 Covers

It's the 20th anniversary of the iconic magazine portfolio featuring the most compelling LGBT of the year.

Interview with Steve Snyder Hill, Author of Soldier of Change
November 11 2014 5:00 AM ET

Stephen Snyder-Hill: A Soldier for Change

Matt Baume

Three years ago, he was booed at a Republican debate. Now he has a new book about the experience.

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Transgender Woman Means So Much
November 11 2014 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Trans Woman Means So Much

Jennifer Barge

A new national CDC campaign features a transgender woman as its spokesperson for the first time ever.

Love Finds a Way For Russia's Second Legal Same-sex Wedding
November 11 2014 1:47 AM ET

Meet Russia's Newest Legally Married Lesbians 

Thom Senzee

A second same-sex couple has found a way to wed by using Russia's draconian antigay laws to exchange their vows in legally binding matrimony.

Supreme Court Justice Teases 'Opportunities' for Marriage Ruling
November 10 2014 7:07 PM ET

Supreme Court Justice Teases 'Opportunities' for Marriage

Sunnivie Brydum

Will the Supreme Court finally hear a case that could resolve marriage equality nationwide? Some court-watchers say Justice Stephen Breyer's remarks this weekend indicate that possibility.

Mennonite Minister Defrocked for Officiating at Gay Son's Wedding
November 10 2014 7:02 PM ET

Another Pastor Defrocked After Gay Son's Wedding

Stevie St. John

The 96-year-old pastor, defrocked in September, now says he could 'no longer hide the light the Lord has lit within me' to support marriage equality.

PHOTOS: Bangladeshi Hijras Show Their Pride
November 10 2014 5:44 PM ET

PHOTOS: Bangladeshi Hijras Show Their Pride

Sunnivie Brydum

One year after the Bangladesh government formally recognized a third gender, the nation's hijras celebrated with their first-ever Pride parade.

STUDY: Yes, Trans Men Can Get Pregnant Despite Testosterone, Dysphoria
November 10 2014 4:16 PM ET

STUDY: Yes, Some Trans Men Do Seek Pregnancy

Mitch Kellaway

A small investigative study hopes to inspire more research into unprecedented findings that complicate assumptions about trans men's experience and emotions during pregnancy.

WATCH: What if the Supreme Court Still Won't Take a Marriage Case?
November 10 2014 3:14 PM ET

WATCH: What if SCOTUS Punts Again on Marriage? 

Matt Baume

You never know: despite past hints, the Justices could surprise us and punt on marriage.