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Op-ed: The Crisis at the Border Reveals the Real Sodomites
July 15 2014 5:55 AM ET

Op-ed: American Sodomites Beware

Eliel Cruz

The anti-LGBT and anti-immigration lobbies fail to remember the meaning of the word sodomy.

Op-ed: To Thine Own Campaign Ad Be True
July 15 2014 4:35 AM ET

Op-ed: When a Barely Gay Campaign Ad Breaks Ground

Brett Smiley

Brett Smiley, the gay mayoral candidate in Providence, R.I., reflects on the impact of his groundbreaking campaign ad, which depicted the normalcy of a same-sex marriage.

The Peculiarity of Black Trans Male Privilege
July 15 2014 4:00 AM ET

The Peculiarity of Black Trans Male Privilege

Kortney Ziegler

Men of all genders benefit from the complicit oppression of black women.

WATCH: Archbishop Desmond Tutu Condemns 'New Apartheid'
July 14 2014 6:38 PM ET

WATCH: Why Would Desmond Tutu Rather Go to Hell? 

Thom Senzee

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who fought South African racial apartheid while the late Nelson Mandela was doing the same from prison, speaks passionately against homophobia, calling it the 'new apartheid.'

Minister Dies by Self-Immolation in Protest of Homophobia, Other Injustices
July 14 2014 4:58 PM ET

Texas Minister Burns Self to Death to Protest Homophobia

Trudy Ring

Retired Texas Methodist clergyman Charles Moore set himself aflame in a public parking lot last month.

Colo. Counties Can Keep Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
July 14 2014 3:09 PM ET July 14 2014 8:22 PM ET

Judge: Keep Calm and Marry On, Colorado

Sunnivie Brydum

Judges around the state are refusing to stop clerks in three counties from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite the state constitution's ban on same-sex marriage.

Christie Warns Marriage Debate Not Over Yet
July 14 2014 2:57 PM ET

Christie Warns Marriage Debate Not Over Yet

Michelle Garcia

Republican governors take on marriage equality as the country becomes more supportive of LGBT rights.

Conn. Trans Girl, 16, Placed in School for Delinquent Boys
July 14 2014 1:20 PM ET

Trans Teen Girl Placed in Boys' Reform School

Parker Marie Molloy

Now out of a women's adult correctional facility, Conn. teen Jane Doe finds herself placed in a school for delinquent boys following accusations of another assault.

WATCH: Meet the Trans Woman Taking the BMX World By Storm
July 14 2014 12:05 PM ET

WATCH: Meet the Trans Woman Taking the BMX World By Storm

Mitch Kellaway

Chelsea Fietsgodin wowed the BMX scene when she first released footage of herself riding, and in a recent interview she has messages for her detractors and for other women in sports.

Thanksgiving With a Transgender Child
July 14 2014 8:16 AM ET

Thanksgiving With a Transgender Child

Frank Lowe

Read about when our parenting writer, Frank Lowe, attended a special Thanksgiving that turned into an eye-opening and educational experience.

Op-ed: Hillary Clinton's Marriage Evolution Is Hardly the Point
July 14 2014 4:40 AM ET

Op-ed: Stuck on Hillary Clinton's Marriage Evolution?

Joe Solmonese

While some are getting hung up on a interview in which Hillary Clinton was defensive about her changing stance on marriage equality, Joe Solmonese says fixating on it is not constructive.