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Trans Teen Wins $75K in School Restroom Discrimination Lawsuit
December 05 2014 1:38 PM ET

Trans Teen Wins $75K in Landmark School Discrimination Suit

Mitch Kellaway

After a five-year battle that started in elementary school, Nicole Maines will be leaving a lasting legacy for all trans students as she graduates high school.

Obama Administration Endorses Trans-Inclusive School Policies
December 05 2014 1:08 PM ET

Obama's Dept. of Ed. Endorses Trans-Inclusive Schools

Mitch Kellaway

Trans advocates are 'thrilled' that the Department of Education has officially answered questions about trans students' access to single-sex school activities and sports.

How Florida Could Spread Marriage Equality to Neighboring States
December 05 2014 8:00 AM ET

How Florida Could Bring Marriage to Neighboring States

Matt Baume

After marriage begins next month in Florida, it might not be long before Alabama and Georgia join in.

Artist Brings a Queer Eye to Female Catholic Saints
December 05 2014 6:08 AM ET

Artist Brings a Queer Eye to Female Catholic Saints

Stevie St. John

Alma Lopez's “Queer Saints: Holy Violence” exhibition explores the idea of female saints as butch/masculine lesbians.

DJ Nick Monaco on Honoring the Queer, Trans Roots of Dance Music
December 05 2014 5:06 AM ET

Can Dance Music Honor Its Queer, Trans Roots?

Mitch Kellaway

The androgynous deep house musician sounds off on his experiences with defying the gender binary, the rising tides of 'bro' culture, and his nonprofit lipstick line that aims to directly benefit trans folks.

Op-ed: Federal Equality, Nothing More, Nothing Less
December 05 2014 4:30 AM ET

Op-ed: Federal Equality, Nothing More, Nothing Less

Chad Griffin

As the next session of Congress begins, Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin explains why LGBT activists are gearing up to support a new piece of legislation.

Op-ed: Helping to Heal Religiously Created Wounds in the Jewish World
December 05 2014 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Healing Religious Wounds in the Jewish World

Debra Kolodny

While being raised Jewish, no one told this rabbi she could never be a rabbi — and it made all the difference.

'Transparent,' 'OITNB,' 'Normal Heart' Among Writers Guild Nominees
December 04 2014 8:14 PM ET

Transparent, OITNB, Normal Heart Among Writers Guild Nominees

Dawn Ennis

Several LGBT-inclusive programs are up for awards in the Writers Guild's competition for TV, radio, and new media.

LISTEN: Adorable Couple Talks Love, Sex, and Gender Transition
December 04 2014 6:32 PM ET

Adorable Couple Talks Love, Sex, and Gender Transition

Mitch Kellaway

Warm fuzzies, anyone? Hear the story of how newlywed trans activist Liam Lowery and Marie Claire writer Marisa Carroll have stayed together through thick and thin.

Baseball: Torii Hunter Blasts Reporter For Marriage Equality Question
December 04 2014 6:30 PM ET

Outfielder Torii Hunter Snaps Over Marriage Equality Question

Annie Hollenbeck

Outfielder Torii Hunter snapped back at a reporter who asked him questions about his opposition to marriage equality

House Committee Shuts Down ENDA for 2014
December 04 2014 3:46 PM ET

House Committee Shuts Down ENDA for 2014

Michelle Garcia

Another session of Congress will likely end before the House addresses legislation to protect LGBT workers.

Roberta Kaplan: Let Miss. Same-Sex Couples Wed Next Week
December 04 2014 3:10 PM ET December 04 2014 6:54 PM ET

Miss. Marriage Ban Headed to Appeals Court

Trudy Ring

Marriage equality litigation out of Mississippi will be heard by the same three-judge panel that will consider similar bans in Texas and Louisiana.