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Footballers Lace Up Against Homophobia

Footballers Lace Up Against Homophobia

Football players in the U.K. are lacing up this weekend to show their support for gay players and fans.

WATCH: DirecTV's Ad Features Gay NFL Fans

WATCH: Meet DirecTV's Gay NFL Fans

When the NFL's regular season kicked off on Thursday, it was a little more openly gay than ever before — but not because of Michael Sam.

Report: Michael Sam Joining Dallas Cowboys' Practice Team

Michael Sam Joins Dallas Cowboys' Practice Team

Sam reported to Texas on Wednesday, where the Cowboys have confirmed they will sign him to a practice team.

Reports: Dallas Cowboys Eye Michael Sam for Practice Squad

Reports: Michael Sam Might End Up With Dallas

Michael Sam is heading to Dallas Wednesday for a physical.

Op-ed: In The Long Run, Michael Sam Being Cut Was About Homophobia

Op-ed: Yes, It Was Homophobia

Despite the backing of Rams coach Jeff Fisher, Michael Sam currently does not have a job with the NFL.

Michael Sam Not Signed to Rams Practice Squad

Michael Sam Not Signed to Rams Practice Squad

The Rams cut Michael Sam this weekend, then no other team signed him. Now he might not make a practice squad either.

Michael Sam Passed Over By Every NFL Team

Michael Sam Passed Over By Every NFL Team

Michael Sam had hoped to become the NFL's first out player but was cut from the Rams on Saturday and not picked up by any other team by the deadline.

Sydney Convicts Win Bingham Cup Again

August 31 2014 11:55 AM ET

Michael Sam on Being Cut: 'The Journey Continues'

There is still a chance he could play for the NFL.

PHOTOS: The Mud, Sweat, and Glory of the Bingham Cup

PHOTOS: The Mud, Sweat, and Glory of the Bingham Cup

The Bingham Cup began on Friday in Sydney. Here's some shots on the field of the guys getting ready.

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