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September 19 2014 12:15 PM ET

WATCH: Lesbian Drunk Dials Her Ex

Op-ed: These Lesbians Will Break Your Heart
September 19 2014 6:00 AM ET

Op-ed: These Lesbians Will Break Your Heart

Michelle Cheever

While Ilene Chaiken's earlier series depicted the lives of lesbians in glamorous L.A., her latest project is her realest yet.

"Grey's" is the New Black
September 18 2014 3:22 PM ET

Grey's is the New Black

MTV's 'Faking It' Introduces Intersex Character
September 18 2014 1:12 PM ET September 19 2014 12:13 PM ET

MTV's Faking It Introduces Intersex Character

Mitch Kellaway

MTV's LGBT-themed teen dramedy will explore a less commonly visible aspect of gender variance in its second season.

WATCH: Bria and Chrissy Present the Most SEXIST Song EVER
September 16 2014 1:09 PM ET

WATCH: Is This the Most Sexist Song Ever?