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Penn State wraps up investigation of women's basketball coach

Penn State University has concluded its investigation of antigay discrimination complaints filed by a former player against women's basketball coach Rene Portland.

Kansas college adds antidiscrimination protections for gays

News 2006-04-14 Kansas college adds antidiscrimination protections for gays In response to recent racist and antigay graffiti at the Kansas school, Johnson County Community College trustees have added

American priest who sued own diocese for alleged abuse quits priesthood

News 2006-04-13 American priest who sued own diocese for alleged abuse quits priesthood A Roman Catholic priest who sued his own diocese last year for alleged abuse by another diocesan priest more than

Out Atlanta radio host's tax protest fizzles

Effort to point out lack of marriage equality stymied.

Kentucky governor signs order removing legal protections for gays

Kentucky governor Ernie Fletcher celebrated "Diversity Day" by signing an executive order Tuesday that removed language from the state's affirmative action plan specifically protecting gay people from discrimination.

Q Television to run pro-gay church ad

The gay-themed cable network will air the ad as a public service announcement.

N.Y.'s Suffolk County approves domestic-partner registry

Gay legislator leads drive for expanding rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Mass. inmates can see murder and drugs but not gay love

Department of corrections says prisoners can watch Get Rich or Die Tryin' but not Brokeback Mountain.

High court upholds California's groundbreaking DP law

High court upholds California's groundbreaking DP laws

The California supreme court on Wednesday refused to hear a challenge to the state's groundbreaking domestic-partnership laws.

St. Martin police criticized for slow response to gay bashing

St. Martin police condemned for lack of action in gay bashing

A U.S. gay rights group criticized what it called a slow response by St. Martin police to an attack on gay New York journalists Dick Jefferson (pictured) and Ryan Smith, who were beaten with tire irons outside a bar in Philipsburg.

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