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Antonin Scalia

The Advocate tracks the latest on Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court's most antigay justice, who died February 13, 2016. A strong proponent for the executive branch, Scalia was known for his ultra-conservative dissenting opinions, which stem from a belief that the U.S. Constitution should not be interpreted as an evolving document that reflects the mores of modern society. Rather, as an originalist, he believed it should be read as it was interpreted at the time of its adoption, a belief that has led to his dismissal of legislative history in his Supreme Court decisions. Antonin has lead the dissent in numerous cases that have impacted LGBT rights, including Lawrence v. Texas and U.S. v. Windsor.

Antonin Scalia Liked Trump's Candidacy — Is Anyone Surprised?

The anti-LGBT Supreme Court justice was known for callously speaking his mind. 

Filling the Supreme Court Is More Crucial Than You Knew

Anthony Kennedy was with us on marriage, but the next justice may be the truly crucial vote in deciding the  outcome of future LGBT rights cases.

Oops! Awkward Acronym for Law School Renamed for Antonin Scalia

The idea was to honor the late Supreme Court justice, but university administrators quickly realized that "A.S.S. of Law" needed a revision.

Justice Alito: 'We Will Deal' With Supreme Court Vacancy

The conservative justice also reminded students at Georgetown Law Center that the current court gets no say in who will be their newest colleague.  

Donald Trump Pledges to Appoint 'Pro-Life' Supreme Court Justices

A Trump presidency would only consider "very conservative" candidates "like Judge Scalia" for the Supreme Court.

WATCH: Fill Supreme Court Vacancy, Say LGBT Dems

A new campaign from the Democratic National Committee warns of setbacks for LGBT rights if the court remains a justice short for a year.

Scalia's Death Exposes Fractures in Legal, Political Circles

Was late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a stalwart defender of the Constitution or of 'privilege, oppression, and bigotry?'

Dear Straight People: We're Entitled to Our Feelings on Scalia

Who does it benefit to gloss over Antonin Scalia's legacy?

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Warns of Supreme Court Crisis

The MSNBC host wants Republicans in the U.S. Senate to know the many implications of blocking President Obama's nomination to replace Justice Scalia.

Jim Obergefell's Gracious Tweet on Antonin Scalia's Death

The marriage equality plaintiff sends condolences to the family of the marriage equality opponent.

GOP DEBATE: Supreme Court Vacancy Takes Center Stage

Most of the candidates said the next president, not Obama, should appoint Antonin Scalia's successor. They also had some notable fights among themselves.

WATCH: I Will Nominate Scalia Replacement, Says Obama

Obama eulogizes the conservative justice but makes clear he will nominate a successor, no matter what Republicans say.

Right, Left React to Scalia's Death

Ted Cruz, Evan Wolfson, and more weigh in, with some snark coming from Glenn Greenwald.

Conservative Justice Antonin Scalia Dies

Scalia, one of the most antigay justices on the Supreme Court, was found dead at a Texas resort.

Justice Scalia Says U.S. Can Be Christian Nation

The Supreme Court's most controversial justice is at it again, this time proposing to abolish the separation between church and state.

A Judge's View of Justice Antonin Scalia’s Antigay Rhetoric…
Marriage Equality

This Scream Queens Episode Upset Antonin Scalia's Son

Justice Antonin Scalia's son is defending him against statements made in an episode of Scream Queens.

Antonin Scalia: If We Protect Gays, Why Not Child Molesters?

There's no constitutional basis for making either a protected minority, the ultraconservative Supreme Court justice contends.

Might Even Scalia Say Kim Davis Should Resign?

The Supreme Court justice hasn't directly weighed in on the rogue antigay Kentucky clerk. But earlier statements indicate he doesn't support the fight she's waging.

Justice Scalia Teases Crowd Over Marriage Equality Decision

When asked about plans to take up a marriage case, the Supreme Court justice became as coy and cute as he possibly could muster.